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Alaye Geng & Kilimore Release Heartfelt Tribute Song for Late Runtinz, Victim of Navrongo Mob Justice – Audio

Music trio Bill Gucci, 2Bk Savage, and Kilimore have paid tribute to their late brother, Runtinz, who was mercilessly killed by a mob in Navrongo on Sunday. Runtinz, along with three of his friends, was caught and beaten, but he did not survive. His other two friends are currently in the hospital.

According to multiple report, Runtinz and his friends were accused of stealing fowls, prompting the community to quickly organize some youth to beat the trio, resulting in Runtinz’s death.

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The death of Runtinz has been widely condemned by many people in Navrongo and on social media.

The Alaye Geng (Bill Gucci & 2Bk Savage) and Kilimore promptly released a song titled “16th June,” indicating the day he was killed, in tribute to their fallen brother and showing how deeply the killing has affected them.

In the song, Alaye Geng and Kilimore condemn the practice of “mob justice” in Ghana, where criminals or suspected criminals are beaten by mobs. They express their deep sadness over the killing, which has left them in tears. They call for justice for Runtinz and pray for God’s punishment on the perpetrators of the crime.




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