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The Unyielding Spirit of Tangoba Abayage: A June-born Heroine

Tangoba Abayage

June-born individuals are often celebrated for their unique blend of qualities that set them apart. They are characterized by their vibrant energy, resilience, and nurturing nature. These unique qualities are beautifully embodied by Tangoba Abayage, born on June 30, 1964, whose extraordinary contributions to her community in Navrongo reflect the dynamic spirit of June-borns. They have a natural ability to …

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Uncultured Prophets Are Now Using God Not the Vice Versa; Pastor Emmanuel Wepuga

Pastor Emmanuel Wepuga

In a recent Facebook live video, Pastor Emmanuel Wepuga, the Resident Pastor of Stars of Heaven Ministries in Navrongo, sternly warned believers about the rise of what he calls “uncultured prophets” in today’s religious landscape. Pastor Wepuga, who received mentorship from Prophet David Iddrisu Rauf, the head pastor of Stars of Heaven Ministries Headquarters in Bolgatanga, highlighted the changing role …

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Chinese mining company to build airport in Upper East region

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Cardinal Namdini Mining Limited, a subsidiary of China’s Shandong Gold, intends to construct an airport in northern Ghana to serve the Upper East Region and support its mining operations. Originally, Cardinal had proposed building an airstrip exclusively for its use in the Talensi District, where it plans to initiate gold mining operations with production expected in the fourth quarter of …

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Woman Fatally Bitten to Death by Unfamiliar Crocodile in Paga-Nyania

FB IMG 1696444875229

During the rainy season, strange crocodiles are often washed into communities by rainwater in Paga, which is otherwise known for its friendly crocodiles. Unfortunately, last month, a tragic incident occurred when a woman lost her life due to an encounter with one of these unusual reptiles. The woman had been on her way home from church and was crossing a …

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Breaking News: Police Make Arrests in Connection with the Murder of a Tricycle Driver in Navoro-Pungu

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In a recent development reported by Journalist Senyalah Castro, the Upper East Region Police have taken significant action in response to the tragic killing of a commercial tricycle driver near Gumongo in Navoro-Pungu by armed robbers. According to security sources, two individuals have been apprehended in connection with the incident. Shockingly, emerging information suggests a disturbing twist: there may be …

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Celebrating Excellence: Unveiling the Navrongo Excellence Awards

IMG 20230718 WA00201

In a world where innovation and dedication drive progress, recognizing exceptional achievements is crucial. The Navrongo Excellence Awards, a groundbreaking awarding scheme, aims to do just that. This inaugural event promises to shine a spotlight on individuals, organizations, and associations that have redefined success in various domains. From education and health to business, governance, media, fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment, the …

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Sowing the Seeds of Change: Navrongo NPP Women’s Organiser’s Visionary Move

ophelia aovare supports women with fertilizer

Ophelia Aovare, the Women’s Organiser for the Navrongo Central Constituency under the National Patriotic Party (NPP), has demonstrated her commitment to women’s empowerment by mobilizing essential fertilizer support for 126 hardworking polling station Women Organisers. The initiative aims to assist these dedicated women in increasing their crop yields and improving their livelihoods. READ ALSO: ECONOMIST DR. RAYMOND AYILU CONFIRMS READINESS …

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