Pastor Battles Mad Woman for Obstracting public to give offering(VIDEO)


Pastor Battles Mad Woman for Obstracting public to give offering(VIDEO). The mentally challenged may appear to Live in a world opposite to the normal world, but they surely know lots of happenings around them. We have witnessed mentally challenged individuals who saved accident victims, fire victims and much more but this time it is the opposite where a pastor fights a madwoman.

This pastor is caught on camera preaching on the street to win souls for Christ, but ended up battling a mad woman who came his way. But how did this all start?

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As in many settings, after preaching, offering is requested to help support further outreach. Just before the pastor could finish his message to the audience around him and to his utter dismay, an alleged man, woman is heard saying “he is deceiving you, don’t give him Kobo”.
The pastor initially tried to ignore him, but eventually jumped into the boxing ring with the mad woman as recorded in the video. It took the aggressive intervention of some of the audience to stop the fight.


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But wait, aren’t men of God suppose to be an example of Christ?. The act of the pastor contradicts what the Bible says in  the book of John 18:10-12. Where Jesus healed even his attackers. So it forces one to believe the mad woman is not far from the truth.

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