The N-TOWN OpenMic Street Show(VIDEO)


The OpenMic Street show is a weekly reality show put together to unlease the hidden talent in Navrongo. this Reality show started small but currently growing and galloping beautifully to the skies.

it is no news that music has become an integral part of our society.  Music plays an important part in the lives of many people. it has become a paying profession for some, a hobby for others and to the audience, it serves many purposes. for instance, when we are sad, music calms our nerves and when we need to celebrate joyfully, it is better done through music.

it is under this banner, that the Savannah Records, a reputable music record label in Navrongo, came out with an initiative to help shape and harness the rising talents in the town through THE OPENMIC STREET SHOWTimbiaGH on a phone call with Kobby Beats, the sound engineer for Savannah Records uncovered the initiative is free and open to all who have the passion for music. we also uncovered from him, there are plans to make this show a mega challenging, educative and rewarding program in the future.

Future plans intend to offer passionate winners of the reality show a free recording deal with the savannah records and sponsored music video. some of these rising talents will also be opportune to get mentorship from already flying artiste in the industry.

The YIN and YANG exist everywhere on this world, where there is light, there is a shadow, the openmic Street show is without its challenges. Paramount among these challenges is sound system to run a smooth and inviting show. Absence of support to motivate artiste, low publicity of the initiative among others. It is in reference to this that the leading team is tseeking every little support they can get from anyone and everyone to help make this dream and initiative a reality.