We have not approved any textbooks for new curriculum-NaCCA


The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) has noted with dissatisfaction that, some textbooks and other supplementary learning materials are being sold to schools and the general public although unapproved. Ghana is currently implementing a new curriculum for kindergarten, primary, junior high school and senior high school. The new curriculum is to ensure pupils and students have the best of training during their formative years. This new curriculum, therefore, is designed to meet modern standards to ensure the holistic development of the student.


Although publishers and writers were given the go ahead to start developing suitable textbooks for the new curriculum, it has not approved any textbooks for the various levels of education. The Education Act (Act 778), gives NaCCA the sole duty and mandate to assess and approve all materials meant for the classroom before they are used. NACCA in a press release, distanced itself from the textbooks and other learning materials purported to have been assessed and approved by the council. It said,

“We wish to inform all heads of schools, parents and the general public that NaCCA has not yet approved any textbook for the new curriculum. The approval processes are still ongoing, in accordance with previous curriculum reforms.”

The press release further warned of the mandatory and compulsory processes, teaching and learning materials must go through before GES adopts them as required for schools.

Below is the full statement.