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After Parting Ways with Girlfriend, TikTok Star Ahmed XM Swiftly Ties the Knot with Another Woman

Social media users were left in astonishment as visuals of the popular TikToker and businessman, Ahmed XM, tying the knot with Safiya surfaced online.

Reports from various sources indicate that Ahmed got married just weeks after parting ways with his girlfriend, Safeera. The TikTok community in Nigeria had considered Ahmed and Safeera as one of the most beloved couples, raising expectations for their eventual marriage. However, their love took an unexpected turn in December 2023, leading to a separation for undisclosed reasons.

Allegedly, sources close to the individuals revealed that Ahmed and Safeera discovered they shared the AS genotype, prompting their decision to end their relationship. In the aftermath, Ahmed swiftly moved on and married Safiya, sparking considerable speculation and discussion among online audiences.


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