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Watch: Alaye Geng and Up Records Showcase Navrongo Landmarks in ‘Come Online’ Official Video

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“Come Online” is one of the seven tracks featured on the “Mad Vibes” EP and is the first to receive an official video. It was initially released in December last year, before the entire EP was launched on April 5th. The official video for “Come Online” includes performances by three dance groups, two from the North and one from the …

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UNBELIEVABLE!! Chilling Story of a Man Stung by Bees 20,000 Times; You Won’t Believe What Happened Next


In a chilling incident in Ohio, a 21-year-old man named Austin Bellamy faced a life-threatening situation after a terrifying encounter with an enraged swarm of bees. Bellamy was trimming a lemon tree when he accidentally disturbed a hive, unleashing thousands of African killer bees upon him. The peaceful moment quickly turned chaotic as the bees attacked with relentless fury. Bellamy’s …

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Bill Gucci of Alaye Geng Reveals Contract Length with Kilimore from Up Records and Why They Came Together

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During an interview with Atanga Alex on the Pama Podcast in Zuarungu, Bill Gucci of Alaye Geng emphasized that the decision to merge with Kilimore from Up Records was rooted in familial bonds. He highlighted the unity within both teams and the shared vision of becoming a stronger entity. Even though the original plan was for a one-year contract, both …

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