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Uncultured Prophets Are Now Using God Not the Vice Versa; Pastor Emmanuel Wepuga

In a recent Facebook live video, Pastor Emmanuel Wepuga, the Resident Pastor of Stars of Heaven Ministries in Navrongo, sternly warned believers about the rise of what he calls “uncultured prophets” in today’s religious landscape. Pastor Wepuga, who received mentorship from Prophet David Iddrisu Rauf, the head pastor of Stars of Heaven Ministries Headquarters in Bolgatanga, highlighted the changing role of prophets and the need for discernment among the faithful.

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Pastor Wepuga’s message focused on the topic of “uncultured prophets.” He began by distinguishing the role of prophets in the Old Testament, whose task was to reveal, explain, and manifest Jesus to the people before His arrival, and the prophets of today.

According to Pastor Wepuga, the responsibility of the prophets of today is not to reveal Jesus, as He is now living in people through the Holy Spirit, but to interpret Jesus. He emphasised the importance of assessing the words of prophets by asking whether their messages align with what God would say, cautioning believers to be vigilant and align prophetic utterances against the scriptures.

The pastor outlined signs characterising uncultured prophets, urging the public to exercise caution in choosing who to listen to. These signs include a lack of character, speaking without restraint, discussing irrelevant matters, and seeking self-glorification and exaltation. He stressed that true prophets of God operate with humility, hiding themselves until they talk with the unmistakable voice of God.

“Prophets are now using God, and not the other way around. Uncultured prophets tend to cook up and makeup things, leading to insults from the public,” said Pastor Wepuga. He encouraged believers to be discerning and seek prophets who align with God’s Word.


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