UNBELIEVABLE!! Chilling Story of a Man Stung by Bees 20,000 Times; You Won’t Believe What Happened Next


In a chilling incident in Ohio, a 21-year-old man named Austin Bellamy faced a life-threatening situation after a terrifying encounter with an enraged swarm of bees. Bellamy was trimming a lemon tree when he accidentally disturbed a hive, unleashing thousands of African killer bees upon him. The peaceful moment quickly turned chaotic as the bees attacked with relentless fury. Bellamy’s …

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Uncultured Prophets Are Now Using God Not the Vice Versa; Pastor Emmanuel Wepuga

Pastor Emmanuel Wepuga

In a recent Facebook live video, Pastor Emmanuel Wepuga, the Resident Pastor of Stars of Heaven Ministries in Navrongo, sternly warned believers about the rise of what he calls “uncultured prophets” in today’s religious landscape. Pastor Wepuga, who received mentorship from Prophet David Iddrisu Rauf, the head pastor of Stars of Heaven Ministries Headquarters in Bolgatanga, highlighted the changing role …

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Breaking: Former Interior Minister Mark Woyongo Dies at Age 74

233247920555 status 58b355f174f540fbb74612c2ee7f42f8 has reported the passing of Mark Owen Woyongo, the former Member of Parliament (MP) for Navrongo Central and ex-Interior Minister. The circumstances of his death remain unclear, but some of his social media followers are mourning his presumed demise on Wednesday, January 17, 2024. Mark Woyongo, who recently laid his son Kenneth Kwotua to rest at the age of …

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Over N400 million worth of 71 forbidden items seized by Nigerian customs

Screenshot 20240106 162409

The Nigerian Customs Service (NCS), Federal Operations Unit Zone B, has announced the confiscation of contraband products valued at over N400 million in multiple operations spanning the North-West and North-Central regions. One notable seizure includes thirty-seven bales and four rolls of police camouflage uniforms discovered concealed within a container, leading to the apprehension of four suspects linked to the incident. …

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After Parting Ways with Girlfriend, TikTok Star Ahmed XM Swiftly Ties the Knot with Another Woman

20240106 161329

Social media users were left in astonishment as visuals of the popular TikToker and businessman, Ahmed XM, tying the knot with Safiya surfaced online. Reports from various sources indicate that Ahmed got married just weeks after parting ways with his girlfriend, Safeera. The TikTok community in Nigeria had considered Ahmed and Safeera as one of the most beloved couples, raising …

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Watch Video: GH gay man drags Twitter influencer for allegedly chopping his and refusing to pay

20240103 143514 1

Ghana’s Twitter community is ablaze with explosive allegations, as @Heducator, a confessed gay man, accuses Hayford of reneging on a financial agreement post their intimate encounter. The revelations have triggered a social media storm, unraveling complexities in personal relationships and spotlighting issues of trust and accountability. @Heducator claims Hayford promised Ghc 1,500 for intimate services but allegedly vanished post-encounter, ignoring …

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Watch: A Man was Caught Having Hot S£x With Step Mother


In a shocking turn of events, trouble brews in Majaji Village as Killen Majaji engages in an inappropriate relationship with his late father’s second wife, Plackie Duma. The scandal, considered a severe cultural taboo in traditional African society, has left the family and villagers in disbelief. Majaji’s second wife, choosing to remain anonymous, exposed the illicit affair after her husband …

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Unbelievable! Video of Expensive Mansion Where Ex-First Lady Theresa Kuffour Will Be Buried (Watch)


In Accra, a Requiem Mass recently honored former First Lady Theresa Aba Kufuor at Christ the King Catholic Church, marking the beginning of her final journey. Following a state funeral at the State House Forecourt in Accra, her body was transported to Kumasi for a traditional funeral and burial on November 18, 2023. The exclusive video reveals the opulent mansion …

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Watch Video: First video of Mr. Ibu after his leg was amputated

20231117 125630

A video of the actor Mr. Ibu, who recently underwent seven surgeries, including leg amputation, has been shared by his adopted daughter, Jasmine, on Instagram. She posted the video ten days after the surgeries were announced. In the caption, the actress expressed support for Mr. Ibu’s recovery, stating that nothing else matters as long as he is getting better. View …

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