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These Are The Ways Women Act When They Don’t Love You Anymore, Check Them Out

In any relationship, it’s important to pay attention to the signs that indicate the emotions and commitment of both partners. While love can evolve and change over time, certain behavioral patterns may suggest a decline in affection. This article explores some common ways women may act when they no longer feel love toward their partners. It is crucial to remember …

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Must Read! No. 4 Is Very Important, 5 Things You Should Never Deny Your Husband No Matter What

A strong and healthy relationship requires effort from both partners. While it’s important to maintain open communication and express your needs, certain requests from your husband should be honored. In this article, we will discuss five crucial things you should never deny your husband, as they contribute to fostering love, trust, and respect in your marriage. Respect: The Foundation of …

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Young Businessman Majeed Adjuoabu Announces Islamic Wedding with Fiancée Lizzy

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Young Businessman Majeed, also known as Adjuoabu, is set to tie the knot with his beloved fiancée Lizzy in a beautiful Islamic wedding ceremony. The joyous occasion will take place on Sunday, May 7th, 2023 in Navrongo. The groom’s family residence is situated on Pungu Road, near the Methodist Church, a prominent landmark in the area. As the wedding date …

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Science Reveals the perfect Age for Marriage: Here’s What You Need to Know


Science is often sought to guide in making important life decisions, such as the ideal age for marriage. The fear of missing out or being left behind can lead to a rush to find a life partner, especially among women who are told that their fertility has an expiration date. However, according to the “37 percent” rule proposed by journalist …

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From Teacher to Lover: Woman Falls in Love with Former Primary School Student

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A former primary school teacher has taken to social media to reveal her relationship with an ex-pupil, causing a stir online. Using TikTok, the woman shared throwback photos of the pair with the caption “From primary school teacher to lovers.” She expressed joy at the relationship, despite many people doubting her story and criticizing her for it. The woman, known …

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