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Watch Video: I Can’t Go A Day Without A Man After My Uncle And His Dog Sl£pt With Me– 18 Year Old Girl Cries.

A harrowing account has been shared by an 18-year-old Ghanaian girl about the ordeals she endured in Lagos, Nigeria. Angela Amewu, identifying herself, recounted the traumatic experiences she faced at the hands of her uncle, revealing that he engaged in inappropriate activities with her numerous times.

Angela disclosed that her aunt’s husband was coerced into having unwanted intimate encounters with her for a significant period. Shockingly, she claimed that he was also compelled to engage in such acts with a dog in the same house. The young woman further asserted that she experienced three pregnancies, each terminated through forced abortions by her aunt’s husband, without any medical assistance.

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The distressing story unfolded as Angela explained that she moved from Kumasi to Lagos, lured by promises from her aunt and her husband to support her education. However, the reality in their house became unbearable, leading her to leave school, depart from the family, and return to Ghana. In her current situation, she supports herself by selling water sachets.

Amewu made a shocking revelation that due to the numerous encounters with her aunt’s husband, she became accustomed to engaging in sexual relations with men. This habitual behavior left her unable to abstain from such activities, as there was never a day when she did not have intimate relations with a man. The details of Angela’s story were shared on Oyerepa FM.



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