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5 Interesting Facts About Rwanda Everyone Should Know

1.Rwanda’s Eco-Warrior

Rwanda’s relentless commitment to environmental conservation is a shining example. Since 2008, they’ve banned single-use plastics and enforce it rigorously. Even bringing these plastics into the country is illegal. In 2019, they extended the ban to include more single-use items, resulting in cleaner surroundings, economic benefits, and a thriving tourism sector.

2.Leading in Gender Equality

Rwanda is a pioneer in gender representation. In 2008, it made history by electing a majority of women to its national parliament. As of 2023, 61% of Rwanda’s Chamber of Deputies is composed of women, far surpassing the global average. This outstanding achievement highlights Rwanda’s dedication to gender equality.

3.Monthly Community Bond

Every last Saturday of the month, from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., Rwandans participate in community projects during “Umuganda.” It’s not just about cleaning streets and parks; it’s a constitutionally-backed practice that promotes unity and togetherness, setting Rwanda apart in fostering a sense of community.

4.Guardians of Mountain Gorillas

Rwanda is at the forefront of protecting mountain gorillas, a critically endangered species. Around 60% of these remarkable creatures are found in the Virunga mountain range, shared with Uganda and the DRC. Rwanda’s conservation efforts, along with its neighbors, have helped revive the declining gorilla population. While gorilla tracking is a significant part of tourism, the gorillas are meticulously monitored and protected.

5.The Enchanted ‘Land of a Thousand Hills

Rwanda’s captivating landscape, defined by its numerous hills and diverse geography, earned it the moniker “the land of a thousand hills.” Despite being relatively small, it’s home to four national parks, showcasing stunning biodiversity and natural beauty. These parks, combined with its unique topography, make Rwanda a must-visit destination for adventurers and nature lovers.


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