Watch video: See what Catholic sisters were caught on camera doing inside the church that got people talking

In a recent church event, Catholic sisters were captured on camera dancing joyfully to Kizz Daniel and Tekno’s hit song “Buga.” The video, shared on Facebook by Joi John, showcased the sisters dancing in various styles but coming together by holding hands during the catchiest part of the song. The crowd enthusiastically applauded their unconventional performance.

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The religious sisters, all adorned in black shoes and a specific type of dress, displayed a carefree demeanor. Notably, one nun stood out by energetically dancing in high heels.

Some Online reactions

Bulus: “What do we derive from attacking them.? We need to appreciate them. All we do is see the negative side of them believing they don’t have the right to some leisure as we do. we choose to hail those flying jets while their member wallow in poverty. I am not catholic, but please show them respect”

Maria: “What! Nuns dancing! Total disbelief! It leaves a sinking feeling in the gut! They chose the wrong career”

Geez! Godrfed: “No, it is your mindset which is wrong. Being a nun does not mean you cannot eat ice cream, eat good food, cloth yourself good, or even ride a horse. Gosh, you will soon be asking why they are allowed to laugh”




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