NSMQ2023: AI to compete unofficially with contestants at grand finale

In an exciting development at the 2023 National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) grand finale, an AI system named “Brilla AI,” created by Kwame AI, will engage in an unofficial competition with the participants from PRESEC-Legon, Achimota School, and Opoku Ware School. This AI will showcase its abilities during the riddles round on Monday, striving to rapidly and accurately respond to questions in a Ghanaian accent.

The Brilla AI is a sophisticated amalgamation of four distinct machine-learning systems encompassing Natural Language Processing (NLP), speech processing, and Generative AI, all operating seamlessly in real time. Dr. George Jojo Boateng, the project’s leader, is highly optimistic about AI’s potential.


This innovative AI project employs a voice-to-text transcription of the quiz moderator’s questions, extracting relevant clues and forwarding them to the AI’s question-answering feature. Subsequently, the AI converts its responses back into spoken words, all delivered in a Ghanaian accent.

This open-source endeavor is not only a fascinating intellectual challenge but also addresses the issue of inequality in NSMQ preparations, which reflects broader disparities in Ghana’s educational system. Typically, only prominent schools reach the semi-finals and finals. The Brilla AI aims to level the playing field by providing access to AI technology for preparation, democratizing NSMQ readiness, and fostering science education across Ghana. This aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4, aiming for equitable and universal access to quality education.

The initial version of Brilla AI, capable of transcribing and answering scientific questions in a Ghanaian accent, was demonstrated at AfricAIED 2023 and officially launched on October 28, 2023


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