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Just In: Reunion Media Unveils Schools Lineup for BOST PILOLO Soccer Inter-Schools GALA

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Reunion Media has released a provisional list of schools for this year’s BOST PILOLO SOCCER Inter-Schools GALA. The Annual Old Schools Reunion, presented by Reunion Media, is named “PILOLO” and spans three days from December 26th to the 28th. Day 1, December 26th, kicks off with an exciting football gala featuring participating schools at Catholic Park. Day 2 features the …

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Fao festival exclusive: Rapcha PagaBu Returns with ‘Fao Flow’

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Rapper Rapcha PagaBu is gearing up to drop a freestyle, marking his return to the scene after a brief hiatus. The Paga-based artist has named his upcoming freestyle “Fao Flow.” Having been away from the microphone for some time, Rapcha PagaBu acknowledges the demand from his fans for new music. According to the rapper, known as Rap John Cena by …

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Celebrating Excellence: Unveiling the Navrongo Excellence Awards

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In a world where innovation and dedication drive progress, recognizing exceptional achievements is crucial. The Navrongo Excellence Awards, a groundbreaking awarding scheme, aims to do just that. This inaugural event promises to shine a spotlight on individuals, organizations, and associations that have redefined success in various domains. From education and health to business, governance, media, fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment, the …

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Breaking News: Inside Sources Reveal Potential Money Connection in Navrongo Prisoner Escape

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Shocking developments emerge in the prisoner escape incident at Navrongo Central Prisons. Investigative journalist Senyalah Castro Cazo reveals that an alleged act of bribery to overlook protocol is under scrutiny. The Prisons Service Commander is yet to issue a statement, keeping the public in suspense. Read His Post Below “Fresh details concerning the prisoner escape from the Navrongo central Prisons …

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Meet Acxionboi: The Rising Reggae Dancehall Star from The Upper East Region

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Nabaredam Abagaki Richard, better known by his stage name Acxionboi, was born on March 30, 1997, in Navrongo, specifically in Pungu, Ghana. From an early age, Acxionboi had a deep passion for music, which eventually led him to pursue a professional career in the industry. Acxionboi’s journey in music began during his time at Bawku Technical Institute, where he discovered …

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Former Minister Tangoba Abayage Slams Dr. Norbert for Controversial Car Burial

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In a peculiar turn of events, businessman Norbert Atodio of Navrongo has come under heavy criticism from former Upper East Regional Minister, Tangoba Abayage, for burying his father in a Toyota Corolla car. The unconventional burial, which defied directives from local authorities, has sparked outrage and raised questions about Mr. Atodio’s moral obligations to his community. Tangoba Abayage, a former …

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Dr. Norbert Atodio in Hot Water for Burying Father in Car; Exhumation Imminent

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Dr.Norbert Atodio is facing trouble after choosing to bury his father in a car instead of a traditional coffin. Norbert Atodio, who gained attention for his unconventional burial plans, has gone ahead with the burial despite warnings and directives from the Kassena Nankana Municipal Assembly, the Environmental Protection Agency, and National Security. The exact nature of his offense is not …

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Young Businessman Majeed Adjuoabu Announces Islamic Wedding with Fiancée Lizzy

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Young Businessman Majeed, also known as Adjuoabu, is set to tie the knot with his beloved fiancée Lizzy in a beautiful Islamic wedding ceremony. The joyous occasion will take place on Sunday, May 7th, 2023 in Navrongo. The groom’s family residence is situated on Pungu Road, near the Methodist Church, a prominent landmark in the area. As the wedding date …

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