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Watch Video: GH gay man drags Twitter influencer for allegedly chopping his a.nu.s and refusing to pay

Ghana’s Twitter community is ablaze with explosive allegations, as @Heducator, a confessed gay man, accuses Hayford of reneging on a financial agreement post their intimate encounter. The revelations have triggered a social media storm, unraveling complexities in personal relationships and spotlighting issues of trust and accountability.

@Heducator claims Hayford promised Ghc 1,500 for intimate services but allegedly vanished post-encounter, ignoring calls and messages for months. Frustrated, @Heducator publicly disclosed the encounter, alleging Hayford’s dual identity as a closeted gay man projecting a heterosexual image.

In a bold move, @Heducator posted a picture of Hayford on Instagram, urging followers who knew him to reach out. The disclosures hint at Hayford’s possible hypocrisy in publicly opposing the LGBTQ community while engaging in such activities himself.

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Reactions from tweeps on the X platform are circulating, contributing to the ongoing discourse around the explosive allegations.



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