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Fasetwo Drops Hot tune titled \”WEKIA\”

Wekia titled for this track produced by fasetwo is a wedding music tuned in Kasem, a native language of the people of Navrongo, in the upper east region of Ghana.

Following the Just ended TV3 Ghana most beautiful reality show (GMB2018) where the upper east region was represented by her Gallant daughter, Wekia, most of the people who hail from the region walks with chest out for her performance and the great valor she showed in the competition where She emerged as the 2nd runner up in the show.

The Wekia music track is produced by Fasetwo  & mixed by Kobby Beatz in which lyrics translate from Kasem to English as,

“I will marry your daughter, my in-laws, here are my kola nut and the basic bride prize needed to take your daughter home.”


Bazentum A. Godwin, is the artist name with a staged name Fasetwo Chianabu. He is a go-getter and a fight to win fellow who hails from Chiana specifically Chiana_Gwenia, literally the son of a tiger thus the title \”Chianabu\”.  Enjoy your tuned below.


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