Rinner Ayelazoya

Rinner Ayelazoya Shines as Stage Manager of Prestigious University Production

Rinner Ayelazoya, a theater arts student at the University of Education Winneba, is making waves as the stage manager of a prestigious production by the Theater Arts Department. The production, directed by two great personalities, Dr. Evans Asante and Mr. Divine C Owusu, is a testament to Ayelazoya’s passion and dedication to the performing arts.


Ayelazoya’s love for the arts began at a young age, from participating in cultural dances in primary and junior high school, and continued with stage performances at Navrongo Senior High School, where he even became Mr. Nino and the drama club’s vice president.

With a desire to push harder and achieve more, Ayelazoya became the entertainment secretary of Bolgatanga Technical University in 2011, and later went on to become the head of models in Ghana, as well as the vice president of the Models Union of Ghana. He continued to make strides in the industry, eventually becoming the CEO of Face of Northern Ghana and Versatile Model Agency.

Despite his success, Ayelazoya felt there was still more to learn, and decided to return to school to gain more knowledge and become more skillful in the performing and creative arts industry. He is currently a theater arts student at the University of Education Winneba, reading for his bachelor’s degree.

Ayelazoya’s journey serves as an inspiration to many young people who are passionate about the arts but may not have the resources or support to pursue their dreams. His hard work and determination are a testament to the fact that anything is possible with dedication and persistence.

As the stage manager of this prestigious production, Ayelazoya continues to showcase his talents and passion for the arts, and we can’t wait to see what he’ll achieve next.


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