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“Big Nyash Dey Pay Pass Government Work”- Massive Reaction As Hajia Bintu Flaunts

Hajia Bintu, a popular figure on social media, created a buzz as she showcased her lavish bedroom in a widely shared video. Alongside displaying her growing curves, particularly her ‘nyash,’ the TikTok sensation exhibited her dance skills.

Netizens couldn’t help but comment on both her alluring bedroom and her captivating moves. Despite the attention, some social media users questioned the source of her wealth, suggesting she doesn’t engage in extraordinary work to afford such a luxurious lifestyle.

Hajia Bintu gained significant recognition after appearing in Shatta Wale’s video, accumulating substantial wealth in a short period. Speculations about her financial backing range from influential individuals like politicians to businessmen, with some associating her success with societal perceptions about the advantages of having a large ‘nyash’ for women in Ghana or Africa.

While critics debate her means of affluence, supporters humorously express willingness to prioritize a sizable posterior over academic achievements. The discussion continues on whether Hajia’s prosperity is solely attributed to her distinctive physique. Watch the video below to witness the luxurious setting and dance moves that sparked the conversation

Watch the video below


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