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Breaking News: Acxionboi Drops Official Flyer for ‘Strike Concert’ Season III

Acxionboi has unveiled the official flyer for the highly anticipated ‘Strike Concert’ Season III, an annual musical extravaganza celebrating talent within and beyond the Upper East Region. Originating in 2022, the concert derives its name from Acxion’s EP, “Strike Ep,” both introduced at Grace Land Hotel in Paga amidst stellar performances by top regional artists. With each passing year, the event grows in significance, showcasing a rich tapestry of musical prowess and fostering entertainment across the region.

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Pictures from the previous edition

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In 2024, President Acxion promises the grandest edition yet of the Strike Concert, vowing to assemble a diverse lineup of entertainers spanning the Upper East Region. While the date, location, and performers remain undisclosed, anticipation among fans continues to mount. Assuring the public of meticulous planning to meet expectations, Acxion urges patience as preparations unfold, pledging an unparalleled entertainment experience for all attendees.

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The Official flyer for “The Strike Concert”

As excitement builds for the upcoming Strike Concert, fans eagerly await further announcements regarding the event’s particulars. With promises of a memorable spectacle and a commitment to meeting audience demands, Acxionboi’s dedication to orchestrating a sensational evening of music and entertainment remains unwavering. Stay tuned for updates on what promises to be an unforgettable celebration of regional talent and creativity.


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