“My girlfriend was making me fast every month meanwhile she was busy sleeping with our pastor” – Young man narrates in tears

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A young man, identified as Kefi, tearfully recounted an unfortunate experience on Twitter. He shared that his ex-girlfriend, who insisted on him observing monthly dry fasting, was simultaneously involved with a junior pastor. Kefi’s revelation followed advice on dating someone who strengthens your connection with God. His ex-girlfriend, despite enforcing religious practices like three-day dry fasting monthly, was engaging in …

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3 groups of people you shouldn’t discuss your relationship problems with

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When facing challenges in your relationship , it’s crucial to choose confidants wisely. Here are three groups with whom discussing marital problems should be approached cautiously: 1.Your parents: Parents, deeply invested in your happiness, may struggle to remain impartial. Sharing intimate details might lead to lasting resentment and strain family relationships. While their advice may be genuine, consider the long-term …

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Here are the 4 relationship mistakes you shouldn’t repeat in 2024

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Avoiding relationship mistakes is crucial for maintaining a strong bond. Begin the new year by leaving behind past errors and embracing positive changes. Relationships are fragile, and repeated mistakes can erode trust, understanding, and moral support. 1.Neglecting Self-Prioritization: In relationships, it’s common to focus excessively on a partner’s needs, often neglecting one’s own. Prioritizing your opinions and wishes isn’t selfish; …

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