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Here are the 5 things fans love most about this year’s Annual All White Drink Up Party

As the sun set on December 29, 2023, Navrongo came alive with the 13th edition of the Annual All White Drink Up party at the CKT-UTAS Auditorium, organised by Elite Entertainment. This annual extravaganza, beloved by the locals, once again proved its magic with a sold-out venue and a host of memorable moments. Let’s dive into the highlights that resonated deeply with the partygoers, according to a survey conducted by none other than this year’s official blogger, Justin Blocker.

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1.Security: Fans praised the extensive security presence at the event, ensuring a sense of safety. Security personnel were strategically placed throughout the venue, and attendees appreciated the professionalism in handling tasks like securing motorcycles, preventing theft concerns.

2.Food Vendors: Organizers received kudos for introducing food vendors, creating a vibrant night mini-market. This aspect particularly delighted female attendees, as humorously pointed out in the survey.

3. Auditorium Arrangement: Fans marveled at the impeccable decoration of the auditorium, embracing an all-white theme. The meticulous attention to detail, from the overall decor to table settings, along with colorful lighting, contributed to a visually stunning atmosphere.

4. The Dj and Good Music: A substantial number of attendees were pleased with the DJ’s performance and the quality of music. The energetic atmosphere and lively vibe led patrons to dub the DJ as the “Man of the Night,” a title bestowed based on their positive ratings.

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Musician ‘Kilimore with His manager enjoying Good Music

5. Wetting of Dusty Roads: The decision to wet the dusty roads leading to the venue received positive feedback. Attendees were pleasantly surprised to find measures taken to prevent white attire from getting dirty, acknowledging the potential.

As the curtain fell on this year’s Annual All White Drink Up party, Navrongo residents were left with hearts full of joy and memories etched in the fabric of their community. The event’s success wasn’t just in the security, food, aesthetics, dust-free roads, or the DJ’s mastery but in the collective spirit that made it a cherished tradition, reinforcing its status as a highlight in Navrongo’s social calendar.


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