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Cp Releases Tracklist for ‘Son of Paul’ Album

Cp has unveiled the tracklist for his highly anticipated debut studio album, ‘Son of Paul (SOP).’ In a Twitter post on Tuesday, December 12, Cp expressed excitement, proclaiming each song on the album as an earworm.


Addressing his followers, Cp shared the news, stating, “What’s good fam? ‘What a time to be alive.’ The most anticipated album, ‘Son Of Paul,’ tracklist is out. Every song on this list is an earworm 🥰🥰🎧🎧. Please help share the good news as we prepare for 16th December. Thank you ❤️🙏.”

The ‘Son Of Paul Album’ comprises 12 tracks, with only three featuring guest artists. Notably, track number 7, titled “Strange Feelings,” and track number 12, named “Douths,” have already been released.

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Among the featured artists on the album are Gingsen, Dromo, and Mani Mandela. The remaining nine tracks stand alone without any additional collaborations. “Son Of Paul” is scheduled to be available on streaming platforms starting December 16, 2023.


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