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Experience the Richness of Jogo-bia Culture at The Kulture Program

Culture is an essential part of any community, as it helps to define its identity, beliefs, and values. However, in recent times, Ghanaian culture has been gradually deteriorating due to various factors such as inadequate environmental conditions, climate change, and insufficient resources. In light of this, Deem Events, an event-organizing company located in Navrongo, has taken a bold step to preserve and promote the Jogo-bia culture through events.


The company’s recent project, “The Kulture,” is an Easter night program that seeks to preserve and promote Jogobia (Kassena Nankana) cultural practices through fashion, music, food, drinks, and many more. The program is geared towards bringing the community together to celebrate their shared history and provide a platform for local craftsmen to showcase their products. The Kulture also offers an opportunity for tourists to learn about our culture and customs.

Beans Leaves Meal in Northern Ghana

One of the unique features of The Kulture program is its ability to attract people of all ages, including the aged population between 40 and 60 years. Often, night parties in the region fail to attract people within this age group because they lack activities that these folks can relate to. However, The Kulture seeks to bridge this gap by incorporating cultural activities that these folks can relate to.

The program promises to be a night full of activities, with special activities such as modeling, choreography, talk, and photoshoot sessions. During the modeling session, various crafts of our local fashion designers will be on display on the catwalk. Attendees will also be treated to a choreography display with a local cultural troupe. Furthermore, a cultural scholar will give a short talk to encourage the audience to patronize Ghanaian art. The photoshoot session will also help advertise the fashion designers’ craft.

The Kulture program is scheduled to take place on the 10th of April 2023 at the Swolim Hotel in Navrongo. The target groups for the program are tertiary students, the working class, and the aged population. Attendees are expected to wear African prints with a touch of smock.


To ensure the safety of attendees, Deem Events has collaborated with one of the security agencies to provide security services for the program. Experienced bouncers have also been contracted to assist security-wise. The company has also contracted another company to provide safe packing of motorbikes and vehicles.

cultural preservation and promotion are vital for any community’s growth and development. The Kulture program organized by Deem Events is a commendable effort towards preserving the Ghanaian culture. The program promises to be an exciting night full of activities that will leave attendees with lasting memories. We encourage everyone to attend The Kulture and be part of this cultural celebration.


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