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From ‘Keke’ to ‘Poka Lekka’: Soorebia Teases Fans with Upcoming Song ‘Poka Lekka.’

Ghanaian hip-hop and Afro Pop sensation Soorebia, also known as Martin Soore, is gearing up to unveil his much-anticipated track ‘Poka Lekka’. Renowned for his distinctive style and infectious tunes, Soorebia has garnered acclaim across music genres.

Translated from the Frafra language, ‘Poka Lekka’ means ‘Woman wooing’, adding an air of mystery to the upcoming release. Fans eagerly anticipate a fusion of Soorebia’s signature ‘Keke’ and ‘Gaafara’ vibes, reminiscent of his previous hits. With an impressive track record and national awards under his belt, Soorebia stands as a powerhouse in the local music scene.

The countdown to ‘Poka Lekka’s’ November 17, 2023 release has begun, promising yet another irresistible musical creation from this talented artist. Get ready to groove and mark your calendars for what assures to be an unforgettable musical experience.



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