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Watch Video: “I had s£x with snakes and ate dead bodies” – Woman tells her story and ordeal

Cecilia Wambui, a 26-year-old mother, candidly shares her tumultuous journey shaped by poverty, risky behavior, and spiritual entanglements. Raised in a low-income household, she delved into dark rituals, including intimate encounters with snakes and the consumption of human flesh, all driven by a desperate desire for wealth and attracting affluent men. Marrying five times between 17 and 25, she reveals a life filled with transient unions and numerous abortions, losing count after the initial one.

Cecilia Wambui

Encountering a seemingly prosperous driver at 17, she eloped, only for the marriage to crumble within three months, resulting in a miscarriage despite her pregnancy. Wambui attributes her actions to spiritual bondage imposed by a satanic cult, compelling her to engage with evil spirits and snakes. Seeking salvation, she found herself in a fabricated church where a spirit intimately connected with her, fostering an addiction to morbid imagery.

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However, her life took a positive turn when she joined a church in February, finding solace in spiritual fulfillment and relinquishing her former desires. Alleging deception by the church leader, she was coerced into marrying a stranger. Now a born-again Christian, Wambui dedicates herself to advocating for young girls with challenging backgrounds, aiming to guide them toward better choices. Despite her tumultuous past, she has embraced Christianity, becoming an advocate for others and a mother to her own child.

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