If you see these 2 holes in a woman’s back, this is what it means

Do you ever notice two small dimples on a woman’s lower back and wonder what they are? Well, those dimples are known as dorsal or Venus dimples. They are located just above the buttocks where the pelvis and spine meet. These dimples have been associated with femininity and are named after the Roman goddess of beauty.

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Although dimples are widely believed to be genetic, there is little evidence to support this claim. Scientists are unsure which genes are linked to dimples. It’s important to note that these dimples are not related to muscles, so they cannot be trained or toned. However, weight loss can accentuate the dimples on the back.

It’s been said that men find this Venus dimples attractive on women. This could be due to the evolutionary benefits associated with pregnancy, such as pelvic stability and tolerability. Despite being a purely aesthetic feature, these dimples can be considered a symbol of attractiveness, especially in women.

While there are some similarities between dorsal and sacral dimples, there are significant differences. Both types of dimples are usually not visible. However, sacral dimples have been linked to medical problems.

Dorsal dimples or Venus dimples are a beautiful and harmless feature that women may possess. Though there is no scientific evidence to support the claim that these dimples are genetic, they are considered to be attractive and feminine characteristics, next time you notice these dimples, know that they are a beautiful and unique feature that should be celebrated.


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