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Man who traveled for 2 weeks Returns To Find Cucumber wrapped inside condom In Girlfriend’s Cupboard (Video)

A Nigerian offshore worker returned home after a three-week stint at work, only to stumble upon an unexpected discovery in his wife’s cupboard. To his astonishment, he found a large condom concealed within a cucumber.

Perplexed by this unexpected encounter, he confronted his wife. He mentioned that he had never caught her with a vibrator before, prompting an uneasy denial from her end. She steadfastly insisted that the cucumber served no unconventional purpose, despite the undeniable evidence.

This revelation raised questions about the nature of the cucumber’s role in her personal life, leaving the husband in a state of bewilderment. As the couple engaged in a dialogue about this peculiar situation, it became clear that there was more to the story than met the eye. Photos below





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