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Meet Kizz Daniel’s Bouncer, Kelvin Atobiloye

Meet Atobiloye Kelvin, the man responsible for the safety and security of Afrobeats sensation Kizz Daniel. While he’s already in the spotlight, Kelvin has been making waves on social media for a different reason recently.

Beyond his role as a security guard, Kelvin is an active sports enthusiast. His primary duty, however, is to ensure the safety of Kizz Daniel and his team, shielding them from potential theft, violence, or harassment.

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As the Head of Security, Kelvin plays a crucial role in security inspections before appointments. He conducts thorough checks for potential threats and even has the authority to decide whether to proceed with appointments based on the circumstances.

Kelvin’s actions have sometimes been described as overprotective, particularly in viral videos where he intervenes to maintain Kizz Daniel’s safety, like the instance where he removed a fan from the stage.

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Opinions on his actions vary, with some fans finding them frustrating while others appreciate his dedication to the role he’s been hired for.

From his security duties to his bodybuilder side, We bring you a closer look at Kelvin Atobiloye with some striking photos that showcase a different aspect of his life. Explore these captivating glimpses into the world of Kelvin Atobiloye.


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