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Mohbad’s Father Speaks and Explains Why His Son Was Buried Early

Joseph Aloba, the father of the late artist Mohbad, has revealed the circumstances surrounding his son’s death and the reasons for his swift burial in an interview with BBC Yoruba. According to Mr. Aloba, his son passed away on September 12 around 3:00 p.m., but he was not informed immediately. When he visited Mohbad’s home at 10 p.m., he found a crowd gathered.

They attempted to report the death at a police station but were denied. When they tried to take Mohbad to the mortuary, they found no available space. The sight of his lifeless son in their home was too much for Mr. Aloba to bear, contributing to the decision to bury him quickly.

Mr. Aloba apologized for the actions taken, emphasizing his love for his son. Mohbad was laid to rest on September 13 in Ikorodu, Lagos State.

Controversies and conspiracy theories have surrounded Mohbad’s death. Naira Marley, CEO of the singer’s former label, and Sam Larry, have denied involvement, but they are in police custody for investigations.

Previously, Mohbad’s father called for not blaming Naira Marley for his son’s death, stating that he may be innocent. In his interview with BBC Yoruba, he revealed that he did not know he was being recorded during an encounter with Naira Marley.

He also alleged that Sam Larry had beaten his son in the past, but Mohbad didn’t report it to the police due to fear for his life. Mr. Aloba is seeking justice for his son.

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