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Pelungu’s Most Awaited Event: The Grand Launch of the Multi-Media Stadia.

As we draw nearer to the eagerly awaited launch of the “Multi-Media Stadia” in Pelungu, the excitement in the air is simply infectious. This isn’t just any ordinary event; it’s a heartwarming display of unity and support within the community. The Mitaba Association, High Aimers Association, and Songremahemi Association have united their efforts to celebrate and stand behind the remarkable couple, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Mbabon Dukroug, lovingly referred to as “Good Better Best.

Save the Date: October 31, 2023 Location: Pelungu New Market

This grand day is set for a Tuesday, and it’s no ordinary Tuesday—it’s the cherished Kongo market day. On this date, we extend a warm welcome to family, friends, church members, and members of various associations to join in the jubilant atmosphere.To those whose invitations might have inadvertently been missed, “Good Better Best” offers a heartfelt apology and a sincere invitation not to let this extraordinary moment pass by.

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The event will be graced by a distinguished group seated at the high table:

Chairman: The revered Kulpeliga Chief

Producer: The mastermind behind the scenes, Nagroug Johnny

1st Father: The esteemed Baagnaab Yenbil

2nd Father: The charismatic Baagnaab Show Boy

Special Guests: Pastor Elijah Lawaaba, Mr. Robert Assibire, Mr. Jacob Avogbilla, Mr. Dokroug Dengnaab.

Adding to the festivities will be a series of heart-pounding games, including:

Bottle Flip Game – Who can master the art of flipping bottles?

Motor Slow Motion Game – Slow and steady wins the race!

Blindfolding Challenge – Test your senses and bravery.

Chair Dance Competition – Get ready to groove and move.

Registrations are open now, and you can reach out to the ever-friendly Mr. Roland Sunday at 054 551 0632 to secure your spot. Importantly, participating in these games won’t break the bank, and Mr. Sunday will provide you with all the fun details, including pricing and payment options.


In a heartwarming gesture, the Duusi Tindongo Primary School and Yalle Basic Old Boys and Girls are given a special invitation to be part of this grand celebration.



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