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ST Lucas Educational Complex Navrongo Wins EDUCOM Outstanding Early Years Provision Award

ST Lucas Educational complex is a privately owned school based in Navrongo that got nominated for the 2021 edition of EDUCATION COMMUNITY (EDUCOM) AWARDS powered by Africa Education Gateway in partnership with the UK-based Pearson Edexcel. EDUCOM is a high-profile event that recognizes the contributions and valuable educational-related work undertaken within the education space and communities across Ghana.

Many Schools got nominated for the category, but ST. Lucas Educational Complex Navrongo and Stepping Stones Education center based in Tamale made it through to the final draw to claim the outstanding Early years\’ Provision Award. Thorough consideration was given to the infrastructural and resourced environment that promotes safe and productive early childhood learning in which ST Lucas Educational Complex emerged the winner.


The school endowed with a computer laboratory, swimming pool, CCTV cameras, volleyball court, interactive classrooms started operating less than five years and is already known for its outstanding infrastructure and the resourced environment for early childhood education.

The school\’s Headmistress, Mrs. Zeliya Yakubu, shared her excitement with TimBia GH about the award and noted the benefits of the prize, which include the following;

  • Trophy
  • Master Trainers Programme
  • Professional Development Training for Staff
  • Educational Advocacy, Advisory & Consultation
  • Maths, Science & French PowerPoint Resources
  • Cambridge Enrichment Curriculum (Excluding set up fee)
  • School Fees Relief for pupils (subject to eligibility criteria)
  • Staff Performance Management Programme (Free 1st Year)
  • Schools Discount (10%) / Teachers Loyalty Reward Scheme
  • School Leadership Development Days (SLDD) – 2 times/year
  • Special Education & Disability Outreach Service (T& C apply)
  • Whole School Management Information System (T &C apply)
  • Annual School Leaders Hangout (Residential Trip/Cocktail/Dinner)
  • Students Work Experience Scheme (Excluding Admin & set up fee

The headmistress expressed gratitude to parents for trusting them, and she wishes to assure parents of quality education in a safe environment for their kids.


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