Thomas Partey Meets Two Strangers Who Look Just Like Him in Kumasi

Two individuals who bear a striking resemblance to Ghanaian football star Thomas Teye Partey recently had a chance encounter with their “twin” in Kumasi. The incident, captured on video and shared on social media, has caused quite a stir among Ghanaians, who are baffled by the existence of two Partey lookalikes.

Partey, who plays for both Arsenal and Ghana’s national team, the Black Stars, seemed perplexed by the two young men when he encountered them. The incident was recorded by Partey’s teammate on the Black Stars, Gideon Mensah, and shared on his official Snapchat account, @gideonmensah_14.

In the video, the two young men can be seen trying to get close to Partey’s official team bus in the hopes of meeting the footballer. However, Partey quickly rushed to his seat after Mensah drew his attention to the lookalikes. The disappointed young men, both sporting Arsenal jerseys, were unable to meet their hero.

The video of the encounter has since gone viral, with many Ghanaians expressing confusion and amazement at the existence of two individuals who resemble Partey so closely.

Watch the video below




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