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Watch: Alaye Geng and Up Records Showcase Navrongo Landmarks in ‘Come Online’ Official Video

“Come Online” is one of the seven tracks featured on the “Mad Vibes” EP and is the first to receive an official video. It was initially released in December last year, before the entire EP was launched on April 5th.

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Alaye Geng & Kilimore

The official video for “Come Online” includes performances by three dance groups, two from the North and one from the South. It also features popular TikTok skit maker “Cambo Man.” Most of the scenes were shot in Navrongo, particularly in Pungu, highlighting well-known landmarks such as Savana Plaza Hotel and the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows

“Come Online” is a track aimed at enticing someone to get online for a chat. Watch the official video below.



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