Alaye Geng and Kilimore have finally revealed the reason behind the billboard promo – the revelation will shock you.

During an interview with Atanga Alex on the Pama Podcast in Zuarungu, Bill Gucci of Alaye Geng shared that he, along with his colleagues and management, decided to utilize billboards for the promotion of their recently released “Mad Vibes” EP to set standards. According to them, they wanted to emulate the promotional strategies employed by top musicians in the South. They aimed to showcase that what can be achieved in the South can also be accomplished in the North, serving as motivation for others.

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Alaye geng and Kilimore

Additionally, they expressed plans to mount billboards across all 16 regions in Ghana. Currently, billboards are erected in Navrongo, Sunyani, Tamale, Accra, Kumasi, and Wa, covering four regions out of the total 16.

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IMG 20240422 WA0024

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They also disclosed their extensive promotional plans for the Mad Vibes EP, which includes both social media and traditional media platforms. The EP, released on April 5th, is now available on all digital streaming platforms. You can stream the EP through the link provided below.



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