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Bill Gucci of Alaye Geng Reveals Contract Length with Kilimore from Up Records and Why They Came Together

During an interview with Atanga Alex on the Pama Podcast in Zuarungu, Bill Gucci of Alaye Geng emphasized that the decision to merge with Kilimore from Up Records was rooted in familial bonds. He highlighted the unity within both teams and the shared vision of becoming a stronger entity. Even though the original plan was for a one-year contract, both teams are eager to extend it, given the remarkable growth experienced by both record labels during these few months of collaboration.

Gucci clarified that Kilimore’s involvement with Alaye Geng doesn’t imply severing ties with Up Records. Instead, it signifies a collaborative effort to enhance their brands and eliminate unnecessary comparisons. Since the merger, both labels have witnessed notable growth and synergy.

Kilimore expressed his newfound passion for drill music post-merger, attributing it to the combined influence of Alaye Geng and Up Records. He credited the collaboration for fostering personal development and unlocking untapped potential.

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The EP, launched on April 5th, is now accessible across all digital streaming platforms. Feel free to stream the EP using the link below.



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