Check Out PagaBu Rapcah’s Latest Freestyle – ‘Fao Flow’ – Watch Now

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Rapper Rapcha PagaBu makes a comeback with the exclusive “Fao Flow” freestyle after a brief hiatus. The Paga-based artist, also known as Rap John Cena, responds to the fervent demand from his fans for new music. In the freestyle, he boldly asserts himself as the best, the overseer, and the judge of all rappers, humorously earning the title “your honer” …

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Gingsen – Bad4U | Download Mp3

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Gingsen, the Bolgatanga-based Ghanaian rapper, has just released a new love track titled “BaD4U.” In this song, Gingsen expresses how a specific lady is an ideal match for him, emphasizing the independence of their connection and detailing his plans to shower her with genuine love and affection. Download the song below. [Download]  

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Fao festival exclusive: Rapcha PagaBu Returns with ‘Fao Flow’

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Rapper Rapcha PagaBu is gearing up to drop a freestyle, marking his return to the scene after a brief hiatus. The Paga-based artist has named his upcoming freestyle “Fao Flow.” Having been away from the microphone for some time, Rapcha PagaBu acknowledges the demand from his fans for new music. According to the rapper, known as Rap John Cena by …

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Download: Dr Phresh ft Fasetwo & Carlblingx – Bibari Nyim Remix

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Dr. Fresh gained the attention of Kasem music fans with the release of ‘Bibariyim’. It inspired top musicians like Fasetwo, ChianaBu, and Carlblingx to join in creating a remix. ‘Bibariyim’ in Kasem means a gossiper. In this song, the three musicians united against gossip, highlighting its disadvantages and the harm it brings to society. Download the song below.   [Download] …

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