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Fao festival exclusive: Rapcha PagaBu Returns with ‘Fao Flow’

Rapper Rapcha PagaBu is gearing up to drop a freestyle, marking his return to the scene after a brief hiatus. The Paga-based artist has named his upcoming freestyle “Fao Flow.”

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Rapcha PagaBu

Having been away from the microphone for some time, Rapcha PagaBu acknowledges the demand from his fans for new music. According to the rapper, known as Rap John Cena by his fans, the anticipation for a fresh release has been palpable. He assures his followers that the upcoming freestyle is a precursor to an impending new song.

The eagerly awaited “Rap Flow” by Rapcha PagaBu will be available on the artist’s official YouTube channel. As fans eagerly anticipate the freestyle, they are encouraged to subscribe to his channel by clicking on the link below.


And also below is a teaser of “Fao flow” set to be released on on 5thDecember


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