Watch: A Man was Caught Having Hot S£x With Step Mother

In a shocking turn of events, trouble brews in Majaji Village as Killen Majaji engages in an inappropriate relationship with his late father’s second wife, Plackie Duma. The scandal, considered a severe cultural taboo in traditional African society, has left the family and villagers in disbelief.

Majaji’s second wife, choosing to remain anonymous, exposed the illicit affair after her husband started neglecting her for Duma. Enraged by this revelation, she left Majaji for another man. The situation escalated when the two women confronted each other, leading to a misunderstanding.

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Duma, desperate to divert attention, filed a false assault report against Majaji’s wife, resulting in her arrest. The matter has now reached the local chief, who emphasizes the cultural taboo of a man being involved with his father’s wife.

The chief has summoned Killen Majaji and Plackie Duma to appear before the court to address the incestuous relationship. Majaji, allegedly on the run after attacking his wife for disclosing their affair, faces serious consequences for breaking cultural norms.


This incident echoes a past controversy in Gokwe, where another businessman engaged in an incestuous relationship with his elderly mother. The suspicions surrounding ritualistic acts to boost his business added another layer of complexity to the shocking revelation.


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