Bush fire on Navrongo NAAGA Stretch

Bush Fire Ravages Electricity Poles Along Navrongo-Naaga Stretch.

Naaga community in the Kassena-Nankana municipality is currently deprived of electricity due to the devastating effect of bush fires. Three low-tension electricity poles that deliver electricity to the Naaga community have been burnt down, resulting in the breaking of two adjacent poles putting the total number of damaged poles to five.

The indiscriminate burning of the bushes along the Navrongo-Naaga stretch has become a yearly ritual in the months of October-December. Unscrupulous individuals set the brushes on fire which ravages trees, farms, and anything that stand in its way.

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Some teachers and health workers stationed in Naaga spoke to TimBia Gh off the record about the electricity takedown by these bush fires. Some teachers say they are hindered in preparing for the following day\’s lessons overnight, whiles the health workers complain of the challenge in storing drugs without electricity.

Farmers constantly live in fear until their crops are harvested and transported home. Some even have to stay in the bush overnight to watch over their crops to avoid losing them. The bush fires also leave animals without grass to graze on, resulting in many losses in the agriculture sector of the community.

Despite the Government of Ghana\’s efforts in June 2021 to secure a 54 million euro grant from the United Nations Development Programme(UNDP) to plant shea-nut trees across the northern zone, these bush fires ravages existing shea-nut trees along the stretch, thereby derailing the government\’s effort.

Therefore, concerns are raised for measures to be put in place to stop this yearly ritual of indiscriminate bush burning along the Navrongo-Naaga stretch.



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