Chinese mining company to build airport in Upper East region

Cardinal Namdini Mining Limited, a subsidiary of China’s Shandong Gold, intends to construct an airport in northern Ghana to serve the Upper East Region and support its mining operations.

Originally, Cardinal had proposed building an airstrip exclusively for its use in the Talensi District, where it plans to initiate gold mining operations with production expected in the fourth quarter of 2024. However, the Ministry of Transport persuaded the company to develop a full-fledged airport because the region currently lacks one.

Steve Ofori-Asamoah, the project manager for Cardinal Namdini, unveiled these plans during a site tour with other notable figures, as reported by the Daily Graphic.

Ofori-Asamoah explained that the airstrip’s purpose is to facilitate transportation for company employees to destinations such as Kumasi, Accra, and Takoradi, as well as for transporting gold bullion.

He further noted that the company’s management is currently in negotiations with the government to finalize these plans.

With a 15-year mining lease for surface mining in the Talensi District, Cardinal aims to extract 150 million tonnes of ore, from which an estimated 5 million ounces of gold will be produced during that timeframe.


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