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Fasetwo Chianabu Deserves the Artist of the Year Crown at UEMA23: Urban Blessed, a Top Fan States Top Reasons

With the much-anticipated Upper East Music Awards23 (UEMA23) set to take place on January 5th, 2024, at Gnat Hall in Bolgatanga, a fan fervently believe that Fasetwo deserves to clinch the prestigious Artist of the Year title. The red carpet kicks off at 8 pm, paving the way for a night filled with glamour and excitement before the main event commences at 9 pm.

Fasetwo Chianabu’s musical journey in 2023, as eloquently outlined by his ardent supporter ‘Urban Blessed’ on social media, unfolds with a dazzling four-song lineup. Notable hits like “Mr. Apuri,” “A n3 sono,” “A di Kaani ft Adangba,” and “Work Hard ft Osjeez” collectively mark the highest number of single releases by any artist in the region.

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Urban Blessed

What further solidifies Fasetwo’s candidacy is the fact that each of these four releases not only resonated within the region but also captivated audiences beyond its borders, earning him widespread acclaim.

Going beyond his own tracks, Fasetwo’s influence extended to producing other heavyweight talents in the region. His notable productions, including Nambawan’s “Ma la hu” (nominated for UEMA) and Soorebia’s “Poka Leka and Keekee,” underscore his impact on the local music scene.

Fasetwo’s imprint on the regional music landscape is indelible, highlighted by two unforgettable shows he curated. “Party with Fasetwo” at JB’s pub featured diverse regional artists, while “Fasetwo Live in Kumasi” drew massive crowds with top acts, showcasing his ability to bring people together through music.

Breaking out of his comfort zone, Fasetwo delivered stellar performances across the region, demonstrating his musical prowess beyond the Kasena territory. Simultaneously, he elevated his online presence, amassing a significant increase in followers from 2,000 to 10,000, with some posts garnering millions of views.

Fasetwo’s impact transcends his individual success, as he served as a musical mentor, recording and producing over 20 artists within the region and approximately 10 talents outside the region. Through collaborations with artists from diverse locations, he not only showcased the richness of local talent but also contributed to the broader recognition of the region’s musical scene.

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Fasetwo’s voice echoed in popular songs like “Suu” by Adangba and “Bibara” by D Fresh, solidifying his position as a sought-after collaborator. As the UEMA23 approaches, Urban Blessed passionately encourage everyone to cast their votes for Fasetwo ChianaBu, believing that it will undoubtedly help bring the Artist of the Year award home.


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