I’m the most talented male vocalist Navrongo ever had-Marcel


The alien producer aka Marcel, who started his music career in the province of Navrongo has in a recent radio interview said: “I’m the most talented male vocalist Navrongo ever had”.

In this interview, he is heard stating how his music and vocals stand out from the lot when compared with music contents created by others in Navrongo. He also hinted how many may not agree with him, but according to him, facts are fact, and there is a track record to prove his statements are true.


Domination in the Navrongo music space has been a battle for ages and for the past few years, there have been beefs between music groups, cliques and camps. A recent beef within the FYME Clique almost resulted in casualties, but by a timely intervention of the Ghana Police service and the paramount chief of Navrongo, tempers were calmed down.

Navrongo is a land of talent and creativity, and amidst these beefs, the talents and creativity of the music artist are always brought out. So, the question is, will this ascension from marcel generate another controversy?