Kweku Melody’s “Play Boy” Gets Stamp of Approval from Dj Switch Gh, Winner of Talented Kids 2017

During a live Tiktok session, DJ Switch invited her fans to suggest songs for her to play, aiming to gauge their musical tastes. Little did she know that this particular session would lead to an unexpected encounter. A fan, filled with enthusiasm, requested the song “Play Boy” by Kweku Melody. Intrigued, DJ Switch decided to give it a listen and share it with her followers.

To everyone’s delight, DJ Switch was captivated by the track. She found herself completely mesmerized by “Play Boy” and couldn’t help but express her admiration for it. The infectious beats and Kweku Melody’s unique style had won her over, leaving an indelible impression. Watch The Video Below

Download: Playboy By Kweku Melody below



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