Speculations on the real reason for Nana Ama McBrown’s exit from UTV”

Nana Ama McBrown, a well-known Ghanaian actress and TV host, has left UTV to join Onua TV/FM, which is owned by Media General. McBrown, who had hosted UTV’s popular entertainment program United Showbiz for three years, has now switched to Onua TV/FM.


Social media users have speculated about the reason for McBrown’s departure from UTV. Many believe that McBrown prioritized her mental health and reputation over financial gain, as she had faced several court cases due to comments made by her guests on United Showbiz.

Recently, McBrown was fined GHC 60,000 for contempt of court due to Afia Schwar’s controversial appearance on UTV. Although McBrown has not confirmed these speculations, many believe that she may have left UTV for these reasons.

It is uncertain if McBrown will publicly speak about the real reason for her exit, but it is believed that she decided in the best interest of her well-being and reputation.

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