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OccupyGhana’s Call for a Commission of Inquiry: Uncovering the Akosombo Dam Spillage

Occupy Ghana has urged the government to establish a Commission of Inquiry to investigate the Akosombo Dam water spillage. The organization believes that this incident, its causes, and preventability meet the constitutional standard of public interest, necessitating a Commission of Inquiry as per Chapter 23 of the Constitution.

Their statement emphasizes that this commission could identify those responsible and ensure accountability. If criminal acts or negligence are indicated, they expect independent police investigations and prosecutions. Furthermore, if the spillage was unforeseeable, the experience should be used to make it foreseeable and develop preventive measures for the future.

The organization’s call for an independent Commission of Inquiry is based on the conviction that the full truth must be revealed, and lessons learned to protect Ghanaians and the nation’s future.

They express concern about the severe consequences of the disaster and the extensive harm it caused. They also question the official explanations for the situation, particularly the claim that the rapid increase in water volume caught them off guard.

The statement underscores the gravity of the situation and its potential for devastating consequences, drawing comparisons to a dam failure in Derna, Libya. It mentions concerns about similar disasters, like Burkina Faso’s annual opening of the Bagre Dam valves, leading to the destruction of farmlands, crops, livestock, and houses.

The organization raises questions about Ghana’s preparedness and response mechanisms and suggests that building along riverbanks in catchment areas needs a new approach to mitigate flood risks.

In closing, they express gratitude to those involved in providing emergency relief support for the affected communities.


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