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Kuami Eugene Explains Why He Now Uses More English in His Songs

Kuami Eugene has shared the reasons behind his increased use of English in his songs. He explained that his association with Empire record label has played a significant role in this shift, as they require him to adhere to a specific music style. During an interview on Joy FM’s Showbiz A-Z, he revealed that Empire expects him to incorporate more English in his songs to make them accessible to a broader audience.

He emphasized the collaborative nature of his music-making process, where his creative input combines with the preferences of Lynx, his record label, and Empire, the larger record label. This collaborative effort ensures that the songs he releases resonate with a wide range of music consumers.

Kuami Eugene disclosed that he presented approximately 40 songs to his record labels, and together, they selected 13 tracks for his ‘Love & Chaos’ album. He also acknowledged that his sound has evolved as he has grown as an artist.

When asked about the importance of language in his songs, he affirmed that his handlers are particular about it, with a strong emphasis on the English language. He stressed that using English helps in ensuring that the audience understands and connects with his music, as many successful songs in the industry are English-language influenced.

Kuami Eugene expressed that his partnership between Empire and Lynx facilitates the smooth operation of his music business, allowing him to navigate the industry effectively. His latest album, titled ‘Love & Chaos,’ is a testament to this collaborative effort.


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