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“Big Nyash Dey Pay Pass Government Work”- Massive Reaction As Hajia Bintu Flaunts

20231121 221717

Hajia Bintu, a popular figure on social media, created a buzz as she showcased her lavish bedroom in a widely shared video. Alongside displaying her growing curves, particularly her ‘nyash,’ the TikTok sensation exhibited her dance skills. Netizens couldn’t help but comment on both her alluring bedroom and her captivating moves. Despite the attention, some social media users questioned the …

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If you continue to eat bananas daily for 2 months, this will happen


Eating bananas daily for two months can offer numerous benefits. They are an affordable and energizing snack, providing sustained energy without harming teeth like sugary foods or energy drinks. Bananas are rich in nutrients, including manganese for skin health. Regular consumption may contribute to combating diseases, although it’s essential to moderate intake to avoid potential issues like hypertension. Bananas contain …

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