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Evangelist Prince Adu was fined heavily for passing derogatory messages against the residents of Teshie Nungua traditional area. It has become a normal and regular thing for most pastors and men of God, to term traditional believers and individuals who do not attend church evil and witches.

Most churches today, In an attempt to recruit and win more souls, they constantly abused and tagged traditional believers as evil and idol worshipers. This is to make the Traditional belief system an unpopular and sinful place to be and thus, the church is the only salvation.

Evangelist Prince Adu ventured into this area of sharing the same preaching against the Teshie Nungua traditional area on his regular weekend program on No.1 FM. His message didn\’t go down well for many in the area and was therefore summoned by the Teshie Nungua traditional council to respond to his allegations. In the end, Evangelist Prince Adu was charged a fine of one hundred thousand Ghana cedis, (Ghc100,000.00) 25 White Fowls, 7 Sheep, 7 Goats among other items For Saying Teshie And Nungua Is A Den Of Witches.



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