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Rapper Rapcha PagaBu Claims Rap Priesthood in New Single ‘God of gods’ – Download Now

Rapcha Paga, often hailed as the John Cena of Ghanaian music, has just dropped a scorching new rap single titled “God of gods,” accompanied by an official music video. In this track, Rapcha Paga unleashes a barrage of hard-hitting punches and bars, asserting his dominance over the rap scene by crowning himself the ultimate deity of rap. The title “God of gods” encapsulates his claim to superiority over all other rappers.

Throughout the song, Rapcha Paga solidifies his self-proclaimed status as the rap prophet, asserting that his lyrical prowess possesses the transformative power to heal even the deaf and mute. He boldly declares himself the financial backbone of the rap industry, with many fellow rappers turning to him for loans. His verses exude confidence and authority, establishing him as a force to be reckoned with in the rap game. Download and watch the official video of the Song below



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